Get to know my business and myself

Welcome to my blog on tourism and associated topics!

This is not a page where I present my CV. CV belongs on LinkedIn.

Here I say a little bit about myself and the goals I tend to achieve by starting Odmor na zadatku and the blog.

From the moment I chose the name of company I deliberately oriented to Croatian market. I believed that the challenges we face in tourism today in Croatia is my main focus. However, still I owe to the wider public an explanation of the name Odmor na zadatku. Literally it means Vacation on mission – your vacation and free time is my job. Literally and methaphorically. Hence the logo and its contents with the hammock as a center piece.

Logo Odmor na zadatku

To move on to more direct information, let me tell you a little bit how I started.

Odmor na zadatku was founded in 2015 with a goal to develop a specific project in my hometown, Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. However, the project did not get into realization due to paperwork and probably not being in the right moment to develop it at that time. Sometime in 2016 I quit my corporate job and become the solo player at my own company and finally turned my energy and effort to Odmor na zadatku’s main focus: marketing and consulting of small and medium companies in tourism in Croatia. To gain visibility, and to share my know how I started a blog and began writing on any topic that brought me inspiration and ideas.

The majority of my clients are to fall into the category of small business owners alike, as travel agencies, rural estate like wine growers and wineries, as well as vacation home owners. I am also open to public sector and I am very interested in destination development.

I am especially proud to have gained a Sustainable Tourism Development Certificate (GSTC) in 2019. and wish to focus my work especially in this area.

Therefore, if you are reading this and plan to invest in smaller scale tourism in Croatia, feel free to contact me and share your ideas. I might be of help with project planning, market research, product development and branding.



Feel free to contact me for more information, proposals of collaboration or simply to exchange knowledge and experience: